P&P crossword! 

4. The name of the property where Mr Collins lived.(8)
7. Which day did Jane and Elizabeth leave Netherfield?(6)
11. Our heroine.(9)
12. Where Mrs Philips saw the officers very often.(7)
14. Where Sir William Lucas was presented.(7)
15. Card game played at Netherfield on Elizabeth’s first evening.(3)
17. Wickham’s first name.(6)
20. The governess trusted with the care of Darcy’s sister.(6)
24. Elizabeth spent her London evening here enroute to the Collins’ house.(7)
25. Charlotte’s sister.(5)
27. Jane’s age when her first admirer wrote poetry to her.(7)
29. The name of Darcy’s housekeeper at Pemberley.(8)
32. The apothecary who visited Jane at Netherfield.(5)
33. Darcy’s first name.(11)
34. Another card game played at Lady Catherine’s.(6)


1. The lawyer who prepared Lydia’s marriage settlement.(10)
2. The distance round the park at Pemberley.(8)
3. The man who introduced Wickham.(5)
5. He asked Bingley who was the prettiest woman at the ball.(8)
6. The ultimate destination of the tour proposed by the Gardiners.(5)
8. Where had Mrs Gardiner lived?(7)
9. The delicacy to be served at the ball at Netherfield.(9)
10. The street in London where Caroline Bingley stayed.(9)
13. The game which Mr Bennet and Mr Collins played.(10)
16. The lady who took Elizabeth’s place in Wickham’s affections.(4)
18. The inn at Bromley where Elizabeth would change horses.(4)
19. A card game played at Lady Catherine’s.(9)
21. Kind of carriage used by Lady Catherine and Miss De Bourgh.(7)
22. Lady Catherine’s husband.(5)
23. How many times had they dined at Rosings?(4)
26. A local view point……. Mount.(6)
28. How many miles from the Bennets’ to Netherfield?(5)
30. The first name of Bingley’s elder sister.(6)
31. The housekeeper at Longbourn.(4)

Answers & taken from here

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