-Harriet, please! Before we can go on, there is something that I must

clarify! Is it possible that you are speaking of …Mr Knightley?

-To be sure!

-But you spoke of the service that Frank had rendered in rescuing you from

the gypsies?

-Oh, I never said that!

-I remember it with perfect clarity.

-If I spoke of being rescued, I was thinking Mr Knightley asking me to dance

after Mr Elton snubbed me. That was when I knew how superior a man he is.

-Good God! What a horrible mistake! What is to be done?

-Must something be done about it? You must think him five hundred million

times more above me than Mr Churchill, yet you did say…?

-Harriet, have you any idea of Mr Knightley returning your affection?

-Yes, I must say that I have. You told me to let his behaviour to be the

rule of min, and so I have! Am I wrong to hope as I do?

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